Journey to the Vascar universe

More than 30 years ago, we started this business with one thought. That is to provide excellence in the Romanian meat processing industry and high quality products to our customers and partners. On this journey, we have turned every obstacle into a new opportunity and we have always aimed higher. Today, Vascar is one of the main meat and canned meat producers in Romania, with a portfolio of two prestigious brands, Moldova in Bucate and Vascar.

We prepare them after authentic, full of taste, Romanian recipes

Our products are based on traditional recipes with plenty of meat and spices. We begin by carefully selecting ingredients of the highest quality. Then, we add as many spices as needed for a savoury taste. We respect traditional recipes which reminds us of our loved ones and of special moments we spent with them. But we also have a secret, something that is not found in any recipe: we put our hearts into preparing the food.

We bring foods, meats, pates, cold cuts in Romanians' homes

We carefully select the portfolio of products we distribute based on market research that takes into account the preferences and needs of our customers. Our products are found both in our own shops in the region of Moldova and in the offer of our traditional partners and main hypermarkets in Romania. Last but not least, we are proud of the “private label” products we produce for Kaufland, Carrefour, Mega Image and Lidl.

We talk about everything on our blog

and because we want to have a closer relationship with you and to bring permanent value to our products, we invite you to visit our blog and write to us. Your opinions are important to us!

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All that’s important, you can learn from the news section. We keep you in the loop with everything that’s happening in our company: product launches, store openings, new retail partners, contests, promotions, traditional holiday dishes.

Write to us, we kindly reply!

For any suggestion, feedback, opinion or simply because you want to share your experience with Vascar products, do not hesitate to write to us.