Moldova in Bucate invites Romania to the table

Posted on: 31 May 2016

Vascar launched the campaign to promote Moldova in Bucate brand, which brings together traditional recipes from Moldova, one of the most representative regions of Romanian culinary arts.


Even though there are things to share between the country’s historical regions, when we sit at the table, we are all proud of the Romanians everywhere. Moldovans, who are also known as open and friendly, invite everyone to taste their food in the campaign Moldova invites Romania to the table, made by the Vaslui-based company, to promote Moldova in Bucate brand.

The campaign aims to increase the brand awareness of Moldova in Bucate and to stimulate as many consumers as possible to try the new meat dishes, which are both tasty, but also made by traditional recipes that remind of the taste of home-made food.

The recipes in the area of ​​Moldova, although proverbial for the food that honors the Romanian culinary art, had so far no representatives to remind the Romanians where the fame of this area comes from. Vascar has undertaken this mission and has collected several recipes from Moldova, a poorly represented area on the Romanian market.

The Moldovan dishes in the Cuisine come to pay tribute to all the foods that marked important moments in Romanian life – family celebrations, improvised mountain tables, good friends’ meetings, or delicious meals from Romanian-style restaurants.

The campaign took place nationwide between 6 June and 17 July and included a mix of 12 TV stations – ProTV, Home, Procinema, KanalD, Antena 3, National TV, Romania TV, Antena Stars, Realitatea TV, AXN, History Channel, Paramount, Film Café – Instant Activations and PR.

The campaign spot can be viewed here:

Vascar launched the campaign to promote the brand Moldova in Bucate, which brings together traditional recipes from Moldova, one of the most representative region in Romanian culinary arts.

“Vascar’s concern has always been to create delicious, top-quality products based on traditional recipes, to be enjoyed by all Romanians, no matter where they are. Naturally, the next step is to develop a communication campaign that puts the region of Moldova at the forefront, but also to remind all Romanians of the excitement of old tastes and, very importantly, to stir up the lust. The creative proposal of Cohn & Jansen JWT agency responds to our desire, “says Vlad Ciuburciu, General Manager of Vascar.